Welldone is committed to minimizing contamination to the environment at the source by providing our customer with the best air cleaning solutions. With genuine technical know-how and fully integrated service from design to after-service, we are the leading supplier of industrial air filtration solutions in China since founded in 2014. We ‘re our customers’ first choice when they need state of the art dust collector, fume extractor and any innovative air cleaning solutions. Our experienced engineering team can tailor materials and processes to best-fit our customers’ need with maximized economical value.                   
Welldone iis a CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certified company with a strong quality management system as well as extensive knowledge of health and safety laws and regulation. With a strong focus on innovation, we are the owner of over 30 patents.
With our demonstrated excellent application cases globally in a wide range of industries including automobile, heavy construction machinery, aerospace, electronics, food manufacturing etc., Welldone is prepared to partnership with our customers in developing the best air treatment solutions.
Welldone Culture:
Vision: Be the best Chinese manufacturer, and reliable expert in environmental protection Industry;
Mission: Contribute to the society by seeking solutions for Customers and create benefits for employees.
Welldone Values
Integrity –  We persist in winning customers with our most intangible asset of integrity.
Diligence – Diligence is our only way to gain respect and trust from our customer. Hard-work will be rewarded
Respect – We are a people oriented company that always encourages employees to develop together with the company.  
Excellence – We never stop continuous improvement to provide our customer with excellent product and service.
Teamwork – We overcome challenges with team-work and share the success. We maximize the efficiency and best utilize our resources through team-work.
Co-prosperity – We are committed to be a good enterprise citizen globally. We are fully obliged in fulfilling our responsibilities as we create value for the co-prosperity for the entire mankind.