WELLDONE / Sustainability
『It was the best of times, it was the worst of times』-- British writer Dickens described the era after industrial revolution like this.
Nowadays, we are living in a world of contradictions. On one hand, we are enjoying material comforts caused by the high speed economic growth; on the other hand, the nature balance of water, land, air and forest is disproportionate. It’s worth thinking deeply how should we inherit the rich resources accumulated billions of years on earth? How to recover the nature balance of air, land and water?
If the heaven and the land is harmonious, then the nature will recover to a best status. Abandoning the desire to get from nature, cherishing our land which is the basis of our survival, slowing down to stop our expansion desire, we can get a satisfying answer from the future as many people are acting as the above now.
Helping our customers create value, and meanwhile, control the air quality, minimize the pollution caused by massive industrial production to be a sustainable developing enterprise, is our original intention of Welldone team.