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We judge whether the dust collect system is good or bad through 3 aspects: 1. Capture rate, i.e. capture efficiency. 2. Purification rate, i.e. purification efficiency. Besides, we need to put particular attention of the safety when the dust and fume collect technology is used in automobile field.
1.Welding--dust and fume collecting and purifying process in the oil-contained working condition.
2.Cutting--dust and fume collecting of cutting spark, liquid and oil and Non-metallic parts.
3.Polishing--dust and fume collecting of active metal polishing working condition.
The influence of oil dust to the system and equipment
①Decreasing the air flow volume to lead to the effectiveness lose of the purifying system.
②Leading to fire conflagration.
A metal filtering net is set up over the cubicle--it is consists of multilayer filtering net and 50 mesh number s.s. net, can protect the greasy dirt from splashing into the pipeline.
2.Pipeline system
The separation of cutting splash-- pro-treatment equipment
Explosion-proof of active metal cutting--explosion-proof system
Cutting of oil-contained working-piece--oil and dust processing  
Dust and smell of non-metallic parts cutting--post-processing system
3. Reasons cause dust explosion
Flammable dust
Source of ignition
Identification of dust explosion danger
Zone 20 flammable dust cloud in the air occur in a long and continuous duration or explosive atmospheres often occur.
Zone 21 flammable dust cloud in the air possibly occur or explosive atmospheres occur occasionally when running.
Zone 22 flammable dust cloud in the air not possibly occur, if occur, only in a short time, explosive atmospheres area is not dust explosion danger area beyond the above mentioned area.
Spark detecting and extinguishing system
Explosion proof isolation valve: STUV explosion proof isolation valve(Made in Belgium)is installed in the inlet pipeline in the dust collect system. When operating, the flap of the back pressure valve is opened by the working air flow inside the pipeline, the disc will be closed because of its own weight when the system stopped. When the explosion happens in the system, the disc closes, stops air flow’s spread to the pipeline system, and minimizes the explosion scope by the running of rupture disc in the explosion proof valve.
Rupture disc: Basco explosion panel is installed in the dust collector. When the pressure difference reaches the predetermined value inside and outside the equipment, the explosion panel acts(breaks or sheds), and discharges the fluid to release the pressure to protect it from explosion.  Eliminating the negative influence by releasing the redundant pressure in a very short time under the predetermined pressure and temperature condition.
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