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We choose filtration material coated with PTFE microporous membrane film that is waterproof and breathable. With extremely small sieve pores, it is capable of filtrating most majority of submicron dust particles. Dust particles accumulates outside the filtration material will be effectively blown away by compressed air. In contrast, traditional fabric or paper filtration material with fibrous space as big as 5 to 60 um will allow a great deal of dust particles to get into it and block away filtration components overtime. Consequently, filtration efficiency will deteriorate especially when there is no self-cleaning function built into the system.
 It is demonstrated that the filtration material we choose is 3 to 5 times more efficient and is almost impeccable of filtrating dust that is equal to or over 0.1um with a long-lasting service life.
The filtration unit functions perfectly even when ambient temperature is lower than drew point temperature. Mechanical reliable material, compatibility built into the architecture design, and a PTFE coated membrane filtration material with rigidity all contribute to a long service lifespan of the filtration system.  
4.1 Self-cleaning of filtration system
Self-cleaning of filtration system is achieved by a pulse blowing mechanism controlled by pressure-difference based sensor. Dust accumulates on the filtration material cause pressure difference between inside and outside. When the pressure different reaches the preset value and is detected by the sensor, a signal will be to transmitted to the pulse blowing mechanism which will trigger a constant flow of 0.4 to 0.6 MPa compressed air to clean the filtration system until the pressure difference decreases to a lower value. Dust fell off the filtration system will be collected into the dust bin. 
Patented Easy-to-Install Device
This patent refers to a lifting and lowering device of an air purifying equipment, especially refers to a well-structured, humanistic dust collector cartridge lifting and lowering device.
Background technology
The installation way of the existing cartridge is hanging type, the cartridge is buckled on the beam of the figured pattern card by putting a hook screw in the cartridge center, the sealing ring in the cartridge and the card are compressed tightly through rotating the nut on the rod, because the nut is on the bottom of the cartridge, we can hardly see it, we can only rotate it by hand. Moreover, the technician have to well dressed to get inside to replace the cartridge because there is dust everywhere. A lot of time and effort are wasted since the volume of the cartridge are many, the space is narrow.
Practical and new type patent

This patent is to provide a simple structured, humanistic dust collector cartridge lifting and lowering device. The device is consists of figured pattern card, cradle,installation rack, propulsion unit, and support frame. Support frame supports the cartridge. Installation rack is installed under the card, cradle is located on the horizontal position of installation rack and can move.  Support frame is located on the cradle, and vertically lifted and driven by cradle to seal the sealing ring of the cartridge and the figured pattern card. The above cradle is actively jointed with installation rack by the propulsion unit in the rack of the dust collector. Through operating the propulsion unit to make the cartridge lift and lower, the cartridge can be installed and changed.