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How to diagnose the breakdown if the dust cannot be collected and the performance of dust collecting becomes poor?
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We can check according to the following steps:
1)check if the phase sequence is right and air supply is normal.
2)Check the compressed air pressure indicator whether the pressure is directed to 0.5-0.6MPa, if there is a back-blowing voice meanwhile the pressure is directed to 0.1-0.2MPa and returned to the previous pressure immediately every 15-30seconds, then it is normal, otherwise you need to call our technician for help.
3)Take out the dust drawer to check if it is full of dust inside, clean the drawer up and put it back.
4)Open the door of the dust collector to check if the cartridge surface blocks up, if so, take the cartridge out and clean up the dust on the cartridge, put the cartridge back and close the door of the dust collector.
5)Check if there is too many material waste on the cutting platform.
6)The lifespan of the cartridge is about 8000 hours, replace a new one if the dust collecting performance is still poor after finishing the above 5 steps.