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Overall welding Fume Treatment

Welding dust, polishing dust, oil mist: Various pollution in metal industry Welding workers live in this kind of circumstance

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Why is it important to collect the dust and fume?
Welding dust, polishing dust, oil mist: Various pollution in metal industry. Welding workers live in this kind of circumstance. To establish a healthy and safe working condition, it’s a must to lower down those risks, taking protection is crucial, and in fact, it’s so important that people all over the world set up strict standard to standardize it. Welding dust, tiny pellet and waste of molten metal must be treated by professional suction and filtration to ensure workers have better working circumstance, therefore, they will have better working performance and will have less absence of work and less risk of occupational disease.
Operating principle
Ducts with many blowers and suction openings are installed 4 to 6M from ground level, where welding fume is proven to be, on two sides of factory to have the welding machines surrounded. With one side of duct system continues to pull polluted air in and the other side keeps feed in cleaned air, there parallel movement of air will create an air curtain, and polluted air is effectively cleaned constantly, therefore contamination is eliminated. If many openings are set up abreast in a certain height in the workshop and air with energy are injected into the space, many parallel jet-flows whose forwarding direction are the same will form, the jet-flow in this area is similar to a planar motion, horizontal air protective screen forms. Air blew from one edge of the tube and sucked from the other edge of the tube. The polluted air gets into the system to be filtered, the filtered air will be circulated to the workshop. Dirty air suction and clean air circulation is a continuous process. Through the above process the air circulates continuously in the whole space, as a result, welding dust and fume is collected well and the air quality kept well in the workshop. The air conforms to the environmental protection standard.     
Energy conservation. Frequency control system can keep the motor’s running speed to a minimum level accurately according to the need, therefore, the operating cost keeps a low one. The energy cost is saved because of circulation system.
Reduction of the tiny dust
Massive tiny dust exists when processing the metal in the workshop, it will weaken the machine’s performance and pull down worker’s performance. Blowing-suction system is helpful to decrease the tiny dust in your workplace.
Low noise
It’s crucial to use a low noise equipment when using a continuous operating machine, to reduce noise, our blowing-suction system is equipped with a fan in a sound-proof housing. A tube muffler is also equipped to reduce the noise when air flow leaves the fan.
Acceptable OES
Blowing-suction system lowers down the working environmental dust and fume to an acceptable level.