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Duct System

Features of air Welldone duct system

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Features of air Welldone duct system
l Standardized components, quick and easy to install
l No adhesive tape, environmental-friendly,
l Spiral undercut with reinforcements, light and strong for large span
l Max. stand to positive pressure to +3000 Pa
l Max. stand to negative pressure to -5000 Pa
l Stand to temperature ranges from -30°C to +100°C
Duct system installation
l Parts are cleaned and without distortion. Cuts are debured and polished. Connection parts and sealing O-rings are in good shape.
l Fully insert the end of the connector into the pipe
l Self-taping screws and rivets are evenly displaced, and 10 to 15 mm away from the edge of the connation point to avoid damaging O rings.