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Polishing dust collecting case
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  In order to get a smooth surface and increase the paint-coat adhesion before starting the painting work, parts are always polished. A huge amount of dust will occur during the polishing process including metal dust, grindstone dust, fibrous dust, waste paint dust and so on. Some of the dust is tiny, with the high speed of the sand blasting spray gun, they float on the air in the workplace, and will be sucked into the workers’ respiratory system once the protection measure is unfulfilled to lead to occupational disease; Meanwhile, the bigger the dust is, the easier for it to splash all over the workshop under high speed. Furthermore, electrical accident is another risk if metal dust is generated.
Welldone can design different polishing dust collector equipment according to different polishing work. Based on the actual circumstance, the following products are optional to meet a range of customer’s requirements: independent working platform; combined type wind-suction polishing working platform and specialized working room for large shape polishing product.